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Hex Paintable Wall Decor $42.00

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Hex Paintable Wall Decor

Part wallpaper, part art, the Wallter wall applications go boldly and texturally where conventional wall décor falls flat. You define the design, and color.

Hex comes nestled in a pack of 8 slightly irregular shapes. Applied in a line, bunched, or in any pattern that you please. These look great on a door or on a small space. Spread out the shapes in a random pattern to create an overall look.

For easy, no fuss installation these lightweight pieces have a peel-away 3M adhesive backing. The applications can be applied to almost any interior wall or door.

We really recommend that you spray paint the applications using Montana Gold Paints or American Accents by RustOleum. They both have lots of great designer colors, are the easiest to apply and the finish is always perfect!

The Hexes are 1/2 inch deep, wood based, and primed ready for painting.
Easiest to spray paint or can be brushed with an interior latex.

Consider your design before you order—many examples require 2 or more sets.

ONE SIZE : $42
8 pieces, graduating size from 2.5”x2.5" to 6”x6"

Delivery time
2 weeks

Note: These applications are permanent and may damage
your wall, door or the product if removed.
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Patent Pending * Made in the USA

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